iPhone problem details

A known iOS (iPhone) problem can cause confusion for some iPhone users on the Video On Demand for Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Credit page. When users click to buy or click to log in, the dialog box that should be visible to receive user input may be hidden. If you see no place where information can be input, page to the top of the screen. You will see it there.

This problem arises on some but not all iPhone models. More confusing, some users on the same phone model and iOS level experience it, but others do not. 

What users see

After navigating to the bottom of the CNE Credit page, all users see the following:

Interface, start of navigation process.

Users can click on "Buy Access" or "Login here." 

For this example, let's assume that user selects "Login here." Note that, for iPhones that have this problem, the same behavior is seen no matter what choice is made. 

This screen shows what should appear without the bug: 

iPhone screen that should appear

Here's the screen that appears for iPhones with the bug:

iPhone screen with bug

Solution: Page to the top of the screen

The solution in all cases is to navigate to the top of the screen to see the dialog box.