Sheila Warnock

Sheila Warnock

No One Should Have To Go It Alone


Most RN education is patient oriented. This Share The Care™ presentation will be caregiver oriented and as THE FINAL TRANSITION is the conference theme–it will focus on care groups for people with terminal illness. For 20 years Share The Care, a grassroots group caregiving model and philosophy, has guided people with step-by-step instructions on how to create and maintain a “caregiving family” to help someone they know. A recent research study provides validation for this award-winning program.

The rapidly growing aging population and a dwindling number of professionals to care for everyone–often referred to as the “caregiving crisis” is already upon us. Health professionals often tell us they welcome Share The Care as a viable option for their patients and families no matter the illness or challenge.  It is especially critical for people who live alone without family.

Warnock will take the audience on the journey of how the model evolved, why it works, and cite groups from around the world and their inspiring accomplishments. Through her stories they will learn what occurs when ordinary people pool their time, skills, talents, and love to help someone they know cope with a health or medical crisis and support them through end-of-life.


Founder & President of ShareTheCaregiving (aka Share The Care™)
Co-author of Share The Care

Sheila never planned to be a pioneer in reinventing caregiving for the 21st century. Yet after a series of personal caregiving experiences she made the decision in 2003 to abandon her advertising career to establish a non-profit organization. Sheila teaches a grassroots model/philosophy known as Share The Care™ that not only provides a compassionate solution for all involved but also offers a proven option for a growing global crisis.

Sheila has personally trained over 1,200 health professionals in 11 states and SW Ontario and introduced STC to thousands more in 16 states and Canada where it has been adopted by individuals, hospices, health organizations, community groups, faith communities and hospitals. Over 36,000 Share The Care books that she co-authored have guided hundreds of thousands of people to create and maintain groups in 48 states and 13 countries.

She has been the recipient of many awards including: 2011 L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Honoree, a 2012 Local Lady Godiva Honoree, in 2013 a “Daily Point of Light” Award and 2014 a Service Award from Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment. In April 2015 she received The Maggie Kuhn Award from Presbyterian Senior Services for her work.